Re: It's gone very quiet. Is no one Microwaving (other than their (porridge)

G3UVR Denis IO83KH


Now this microwave activity thread has diverted to Zello can I seize the oppertunity to ask a question about its configuration.

Since I installed the application just a few weeks ago (thanks Neil DBN for the suggestion) I did hear people talking during the last Sunday Microwave group contest (G4DBN G4UVZ GM0USI and G4CBW) in the GM microwave chat.  I now discover that there is also the SHFchat. Since that last contest a few weeks back I have never heard anybody talking since in hours of monitoring.

Right now I have connected to GM Microwave seeing four users and SHF chat seeing fifteen users but I hear no conversation traffic. I cant even see a list of connected users logged in.

Am I missing something?

73 de Denis G3UVR

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