Re: 144MHz Gain block

Andy G4JNT

Farnell do that device - a mere £3.65 each (plus VAT )
Although having ordered one of the modules, I'll get a couple for the junk box

At > 10V rail, a 50 ohm load resistance is 1 Watt out - which appears to be exactly how the Ebay module are doing it.

On Thu, 22 Nov 2018 at 17:16, Chris Bartram G4DGU <chris@...> wrote:

On 22/11/18 17:09, Andy G4JNT wrote:

Hopefully the raw device will be identifiable
It's been a PD84002 (manufactured by ST) in those I've used. They are a very useful little amp when building instrumentation.

Chris Bartram
Luxulyan, Bodmin, Cornwall


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