Re: 144MHz Gain block

Conrad, PA5Y

If you want good linearity a good choice for a 2nd stage would be a HELA10B they have around 11 dB gain on 144MHz, so PGA103+ then HELA10B would work SV1AFN has kits.




Conrad PA5Y


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Subject: [UKMicrowaves] 144MHz Gain block


I need a gain block to go from a little under 0dBm up to a bit over 27dBm or 500mW.   This is needed to make my Elad FDM-DUO "look like" the FT817 for driving transverters.

But it's a very inconvenient gain arrangement to get using gain blocks

PGA-103 etc go to 50mW and needs the input attenuating.  Then any discrete device after that has to be wound back so much it gets silly. 

Meaning :   Atten - Gain - Atten Gain


Is there an off the shelf solution to 27dB - 30dB gain  up to 1 Watt output?  Or will it have to be a pair of bipolars with old-fashioned discrete circuitry





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