Re: GB3CSB - ON air

David GM6BIG

Hi All,

There had been power company faults in the area with 11kV transformers failing, several times.
The farm, and much of the neighbourhood supported on power company generators while the worked on the 11kV network.

During this, a few RCD protected supplies at the farm were tripping, including the one supplying GB3CSB and other amateur radio gear.

I managed to get up last Tuesday to help investigate/fix. By the time I arrived, Walter GM8IIH, the farm owner, had done much of the work already. A few Neutral-Earth "leaky" items identified and disconnected.

Fingers crossed, power was restored on Tuesday, and so far still good - no more RCD trips.

Cheers, David GM6BIG

On 08-Sep-18 16:42, David GM6BIG wrote:
Hi All,
Just to let you know there is an electrical fault at the farm where GB3CSB beacon is located.
The supply to the beacon and other amateur equipment at the site is "currently" off.
It has only just happened, so not sure of any timescale yet, will keep you all posted...
73 David GM6BIG

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