Re: Circuit diagram or component value help needed please! [1 Attachment]

Phil Guttridge G3TCU

Hi Anthony,

I have some of those boards that I bought to harvest the active devices from. If I measure the component you have circled for DC resistance, it is open cct so I presume it is a capacitor.
It seems to be 3 capacitors in a T configuration, then a resistor of about 30R to ground from the central capacitor.

73 es gl, Phil G3TCU

On 11/09/2018 10:53, Anthony Coldman [ukmicrowaves] wrote:
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I am putting together an amplifier for 13cm using a Spectrian amplifier board puchase from eBay, does anyone have a circuit for this board or can help with the value of the component circled in the attached picture please.

Many thanksĀ  Anthony G7LRQ

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