Peter G8HAV  has recognised he has a problem and has taken steps to fix it.

From: Andy Talbot andy.g4jnt@... [ukmicrowaves]
Sent: Saturday, August 4, 2018 7:27 AM
To: Ukmicrowaves (ukmicrowaves@...)
Subject: Re: [ukmicrowaves] G8HAV

G8HAV does appear to be examinations officer of that club and has made his contact details open knowledge.
SO if you have a suspicious email purporting to be from that source, looks like someone borrowed his identity.
On 3 August 2018 at 19:14, 'Michael Scott' g3lyp@... [ukmicrowaves] <ukmicrowaves@...> wrote:
Hi All
I received a funny e-mail purporting to come from G8HAV of the Mid-Cheshire ARS requesting urgent help. I suspect this is a scam message as I have never had any contact with him or his society. I have not responded and have deleted the message. Has anyone else received a similar message or had any contact with him?
73, Mike.

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