Re: mm-wave Contest this Sunday, 20th May

Martyn G3UKV

G3ZME/P. Planning to go to our usual site on Sunday, with 24G only. IO82QL Brown Clee.

Since John 'XDY is unable to do his excellent Activity List for this w/e, what follows is a summary of emails received so far. Apologies for all omissions or errors. Hope it is useful to someone !

G4LDR Stoke Hill IO81XG25. 09-12UTC. Hackpen IO91CL11 13-16 UTC.  24/47/76G. 07826 202 989
G1DFL Dean Hill IO91EA27 or Pepper Box Hill IO91DA or Hackpen IO91CL11. Bands ?
G8CUB Stoke Hill  IO81XG25.
G0FDZ Hackpen IO91CL11 24/47/76G 07763 109888
G8GTZ Hackpen IO91CL. Possibly Hannington (IO91JH) or Walbury IO91GI. 24/76G
G8ACE Cheesefoot Head IO91JB. 24/47/76G
GW3TKH, GW0HQX Cefn Y Galchen IO81LS19 24/47/76G.
G3ZME Brown Clee IO82QL83. 24G only. New mobile 07421 001166. KST and 144.390MHz. From ~09.30 UTC

Who else ??
73 Martyn G3UKV

Looks like 144.390 MHz SSB is the accepted CQ/ talkback frequency by default, with a QSY LF (must avoid beacon band HF). Some KST likely.

On 18/05/2018 12:08, g4ldr@... [ukmicrowaves] wrote:


On Sunday I plan to start at Stoke Hill (providing the Army have no large scale training exercise taking place). I will probably move to Hackpen later in the day.

Stoke Hill IO91XG25 (from 09:00 UTC until about 12:00 UTC)

Hackpen IO91CL11 (from about 13:00 UTC to 16:00 UTC)

Bands, 24GHz (1W, 30cm dish), 47GHz (250mw, 25cm dish), 76GHz (12mW 25cm dish).

Talk Back on 144.390MHz and probably KST.
Neil G4LDR

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