Re: Norfolk to Yorkshire on 5665

Rob, M0DTS

It seems the path is there even under less favourable conditions.

any qsb?


On 5/9/2018 5:49 PM, Barry Chambers wrote:

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Subject: Re: Norfolk to Yorkshire on 5665?
Date: Wed, 9 May 2018 17:44:49 +0100
From: Barry Chambers
To: Noel Matthews , Richard

Hi Richard and Noel (plus team)

Many thanks for your efforts today.

I believe the two locations were JO02OW95BW  and  IO94VB45TP which according to Willis is 157.6km.

Signals at the Bridlington end (South Cliff car park) were excellent P4(some patterning - smps ?) or P5.

I attach some stills which were taken from my Eachine proDVR VGA video using the Windows Snipping Tool so the quality has suffered a lot from the original. I also took some HD video off screen and some stills but haven't looked at those yet.


Barry, G8AGN
On 08/05/2018 20:25, Noel Matthews wrote:
Ok look forward to hearing you - if .750 does not work call or text me on 07881914297


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On 8 May 2018, at 18:01, Richard <richard.hanes@...> wrote:

Hi Noel,

Barry and I have decided to stick to the original plan and go to Bridlington.   Its nearer and quicker for both of us than Huttoft/Mablethorpe.

Its been another very hot day here and tomorrow morning is also forecast sunny so we may be lucky.   If there is no enhancement then our thinking was that Mablethorpe is unlikely to work too.   Might as well go for broke!

We expect to be on site about midday.  One of us will call on 144750 horizontal FM on arrival.

73,  Richard.

PS, Please direct any further messages (today) to Barry as I'm out tonight and mobile reception is very poor!

On 08/05/2018 09:16, Noel Matthews wrote:

All understood - I don't think Bridlington will work tomorrow and is not worth the effort.  

If you are willing to go to Mabelthorpe tomorrow that would be great and 12:30 / 1pm start time would still give us plenty of time and would be a really interesting test.

If you don't think it is worth the effort - no problem, the Norfolk team will probably still meet up but perhaps not go over to Cromer.

I will be back in Norfolk for the Sunday 1st July so could do a day either side of that - but I'm sure Peter / Peter and Bill (copied) will be happy to go out at shorter notice as they are local 

Let us know what you want to do and we'll plan accordingly.


Noel - G8GTZ

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Morning Noel,

Barry and I are still planning on turning out tomorrow, and are now looking at possible sites for your shorter path.   I have not received any interest from anyone else at this end, other than Rob (MØDTS) and Bob (G4PDF).   Unfortunately work commitments for Rob mean he probably will not be able to join in this venture.   I have asked him to contact you separately if that changes.  Bob is not able to come on this one.

Huttoft Beach
(53.282N, 0.311E and ~76Km from Clacton) is one possible "shorter" site, but we are still looking, and will let you know later today.   The benefit of Bridlington/tomorrow (if it works) is a brief reclaim of the record.   Though I think it will be just a week or two before it is lost to the NW boys again!   I am aware that there are LOS paths into Wales in excess of 200Km, so I'm sure they will find something over 160Km quite easily!

Because the journey for Barry is over 100 miles and he will need to cross Sheffield city centre in the rush hour and also struggle with the rather slow roads in Lincolnshire, it is unlikely he will get to (any) site before midday.   I have a hospital appointment to attend tomorrow morning so it is likely 12.30 for me.    I could manage your suggested 10.30 on Thursday, if you so choose, but that would cut Barry out to some extent.

Might you prefer, on balance, to cancel this one and concentrate on July when the conditions should be more suitable anyway?

73,  Richard (GØRPH).

On 07/05/2018 19:58, Noel Matthews wrote:
Copied to the Norfolk and Northern teams.

I've just been looking at the weather and tropo forecasts, and whilst it is going to dry, it is only going to 15 degrees and breezy in Cromer which is not good for any sort of enhancement.  I also understand Rob M0DTS is not available and so there's no opportunity to do an experiment of DATV on 146 MHz.

This makes me think we are being over optimistic in trying the 160Km path and perhaps we should think about trying a shorter path from maybe the Mabelthorpe area - 80Km to Cromer or the Norfolk team could go further West making it a shorter path.

I don't want to dampen enthusiasm but it needs to fun and achievable and I think trying the long path will not be - it's just a pity we were not out this weekend!

Thoughts - am I just being a party pooper?

Noel - G8GTZ

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In message , Noel
Matthews writes

I did send this to Barry a few days ago but didn't get a reply so trying
a wider audience!

I was talking to Barry at the Martlesham Roundtable and we believe it is
worth trying the Norfolk to Yorkshire sea path - I regularly visit
Norfolk to visit the outlaws and will there in Mid May when I'm also
doing a talk to the Norfolk Radio Club.

Exact dates are Wednesday and Thursday 9th and 10th May with possibility
to stay over for Thursday or even Friday if needed. There may also be
another visit at the beginning of July.

I would probably take other bands (choose from 146 to 76 GHz)  and also
plan to let some of the Norfolk guys who are already on 5.6GHz know so
they can join in and perhaps we have a bit of a TV fest.

If you are keen to try this, I'll leave you to sort the Yorkshire end
but it looks like to get the path length I will have to be towards
Cromer and you need to be up near Bridlington / Flamborough. That path
would be approx 160Kms -

There is no way we can get a true LoS path - there just isn't the height
so we will have to rely on some enhanced propagation and maybe do a
weather check at the beginning of the week - it would be good today!

BTW - I see the North West boys are trying a 153Km path this morning :-(
This path could bring the record back to the East Coast.... :-)

Let me know what you think and I'll make plans.


Noel - G8GTZ


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