Re: GB3SEE 10GHz status

Gary M1EGI

Hi Noel,

A well known ebay seller "pyrojoseph" from the US was selling 24GHz slotted waveguide antennas, including a version tuned for our band plan. 

He also has some waveguide filters listed which would provide the 90 degree bend you require. 

73s Gary M1EGI 

On Mon, 7 May 2018, 09:50 'Noel Matthews' noel@... [ukmicrowaves], <ukmicrowaves@...> wrote:

Hi – been watching the 10GHz beacons on the Farnham Microwave SDR and GB3SCX, GB3CCX, GB3PKT and DL3IKB have been there for the last couple of mornings.   GB3SEE, which is normally very strong is only just visible at times  and for most of the time is not showing - I can’t believe condx are that strange so wonder if there is a problem?

BTW – it’s fascinating to watch the different beacons appear on the waterfall as conditions change - I know I should be calling CQ rather than just listening!

FYI - there are plans to put a 24GHz rxr on the site and would appreciate any advice where we can obtain a 24GHz slotted wave guide antennae, preferably with a 90 degree bend between the flange and the slots.

73 Noel – G8GTZ (part of the Farnham SDR team)

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