Activity List for the UK Microwave Group Low Band Contest Sunday 6th May 0900-1500 BST

John Quarmby

Thanks for your inputs, the weather gods seem to be smiling on us this weekend, here's hoping for some decent conditions too. There should be continental activity aplenty too.

The rules are here:

Callsign: M0HNA/P
Locator: IO91RF (near Guildford)
Bands: 1.3GHz 400W 67ele
2.30 and 2.32GHz 60W 0.9m dish
3.4GHz 15W 1.1m dish
Talkback: direct CQ on 1.3GHz, ON4KST (23cm M0HNA-1, 9&13cm M0HNA-2)
Time: throughout

Call: M1CRO/P
Locator: JO01PU
1296MHz: 350w, 8 x 23 ele
2320MHz: 150w, 1.2m dish
3400MHz: 15w, 1m dish
Talkback: ON4KST and on 23cms.
Time: throughout

Callsign: GM8IEM
Locator: IO78HF
Bands: 1296MHz     120w 60 el
Talkback: ON4KST & direct CQ
Times: Throughout

Callsign: PA5Y
Locator: JO21VO
Bands: 1.3GHz 100W 70ele
Talkback: direct CQ on 1.3GHz, ON4KST
Time: throughout

Callsign: G8ECI
Locator: JO03ai
Band: 1296 Mhz 10 Watts 1 x 44ele Wimo
Talkback:  Will be tuning and listening, ON4KST

Callsign: G3YJR
Locator: IO93FJ
Bands: 1296MHz     8W, 44 el Wimo
             2320MHz     2W, 34 el Wimo
Talkback: ON4KST & 144-something SSB. Tell me a freq!
Times: when not watching the snooker

Call G4LDR
Loc IO91EC02
1296MHz 200W 4x35ele yagi
2320MHz   30W 1.5m dish
3400MHz   15W  1.5m dish
QRV for several periods throughout RSGB/IARU Region 1 432MHz and Up contest (1400 Sat to 1400 Sun).
Talkback 2m, direct on any band and ON4KST

Callsign: G3XDY
Locator: JO02OB
Bands: 1.3GHz 400W 4 x 23ele
              2.3GHz 250W 0.8m dish
              3.4GHz 15W 0.8m dish
Talkback: Direct CQ on 1.3GHz, ON4KST
Times: Throughout


John G3XDY
UKuG Contest Manager

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