Re: Can't receive GB3MHz on 23cm

Phil Guttridge G3TCU

I can certainly hear it but it's only ~10dB above the noise. That doesn't mean much because I have a very obstructed path and it varies greatly. We noted that it was weak last Sunday when we were on a hill top for the Low Bands event so I wouldn't be surprised if its ERP is down.

73, Phil G3TCU IO91QE

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Hi Graham,
                  Funny you should say that. I used to be able to hear MHZ quite clearly though quite weak but that was many years ago. Last week I dug out my old SSB Electronics transverter and was disappointed not to be able to hear any beacons! In last Sunday's contest I only heard one station G8AIM who is local tome ( 9 miles away). I'm pretty certian I have an Rx problem. The antenna & feeder seem OK (not the best) as George gave me a 59 report for my 10 W but he was very weak with me. He was running 80 W and I could hardly hear him until I took the lid off the transverter - then he jumped up by a couple of S-points. After a bit of twiddling I managed to get him up to about 57 but he ought to have been end stop.
de John G8SEQ
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It may be I have a receive problem, but I haven't heard GB3MHZ for some months. It was not usually that high above the noise, but it was there.

I should have kept accurate readings of the noise levels. Perhaps some new noise has swamped it?

I used to spot it when I heard it, but the accessible log on only goes back to November, so I'm not sure when I last heard it.

I miss my old friend!

Graham - G3YJR

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