Re: EMI PC monitor mesh and adhesive foil sheet

Paul G8AQA

Hi Conrasd,

There are mesh companies in the uk.  I would telephone them and ask for advice on visibility.

The Mesh Company
Chris Platt
Unit 1
Farrell Street
United Kingdom
Fax:01925 444 386

Inoxia Ltd
Steve Hall
45.7 Dunsfold Park
Stovolds Hill
United Kingdom

I would be inclined to go for one with a bigger open area.

They even do copper and also cut to your size.

Please let us know how you get on.

Paul G8AQA

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Hello Conrad

An inexpensive source of EMI mesh is stainless steel silk screen fabric. Put the wires at 45 deg to avoid most moiré interference.  Also makes a great fuel filter. Sorry that you are not local or I would fix you up.



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Does anyone know where I can find some mesh designed to screen LED/LCD
monitor screens, also some self adhesive copper sheet to cover the rear
of the monitor. I should add that I am looking for reasonable prices, so
far all the places that sell it do not list any prices but will furnish
a quote upon enquiry. We all know what that means. Their market is EMC
facilities and MRI rooms and the military.

I realise that I cannot block any ventilation holes but on my monitors
they are relatively short slots and my hope is that the radiation from
these gaps is minimal. I am looking for around 20-30dB reduction only. I
found that my main monitor that I use for EME radiates like mad on 432
MHz producing slowly wandering 50Hz spaced 'stripes' on my WSJT screen,
these stripes are are equivalent to signals of around -26dB in JT65B, a
big problem. Because of the 50Hz intervals I suspected the PSU but
running it from a battery or clean lab supply makes no difference. When
I turn off the screen using the monitor on/off button the traces
disappear, in fact in order to work the relatively weak TD9CHR on 432 I
had to turn off the monitor during RX periods which was not ideal.  I do
not see a sniff on 6,4,2 or 23, in fact I 'auditioned' quite a number of
monitors before choosing this particular monitor, I just never noticed
the 70cms problem before.

I realise that this is not strctly uwave but the people who know live
here so I hope that you will indulge me.


Conrad PA5Y


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