Re: Interested in 28GHz , 32GHz Band or 40GHz ?

John Quarmby

The RSGB awards cover the bands up to 24GHz but seem to be forgotten by the
society management - I am still waiting for stickers for squares awards
where the claims were sent in 9 months ago! The awards manager is waiting
for RSGB HQ to get new sticker supplies, apparently.

Awards should also be publicised in RadCom and on the Awards website - this
aspect seems to have gone by the board after Tony G6TTL gave up the awards
manager role.

It might be worth writing to the RSGB to say the UKUWG will issue its own
awards unless the RSGB ones are seen to function properly before the end of
the year.


John G3XDY

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G8BKE wrote:

Have we all forgotten about distance awards if you want to maintain a
competitive element, but don't care for contests?

When was the last time one was claimed for 24, 47 or 76G? Back in
the 70's and 80's in GM, microwave contests were in their infancy
so we went out /P with 10GHz usually with the aim of improving ones
overall "best Dx" not to score contest points!

Dead right Chris!

I don't really bother about "sheepskins" myself as I'm satisfied to just
have the contact in my logbook as proof to myself that I did it.
However, I can readily see the satisfaction one could have from such
distance awards.

Maybe the UKuG should offer these to members, in return for a no-profit
fee (ie postage and printing costs to be covered).

What do others think?

Peter, G3PHO

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