Re: ADF5355 - Good Enough for 24 GHz!

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the suggestion of putting the files up on this reflector. For some reason that had not occured to me.
They are there now. Not sure how exactly the component values on the board follow the schematic though. the R values I can read in the loop filter on my one black specimen are different. I have also uploaded a HiRes photo of the PCB pinched from one of the Ebay adverts. I have found it useful (printed out on A4 ! ) when working on the PCB. I have not investigated the RF de-coupling of the board. The designer seems to have followed AD's recomendations there. The major departure was the the use of two LT "low noise" regulators as opposed to three of the AD "ultra low noise" parts recomended, one on each rail, AVDD, DVDD and VP5V. Incidentally the recommended part. the ADM7150 is 10 times lower noise than the LT part if the data sheet is to be beleived. I have now got some the will need a proper PCB to use them as the have the dreaded Pin 0 on the base of the package.

Brian GM8BJF

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