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Clive Jenner <clive.jenner@...>

Quite, exactly me sentiment.

Apathy rules!

I think also that a few sell RadCom short. It does after all have to represent within its pages all facets of a very broad hobby.

Oh well off the soap box.

73 Clive.

Chris Bartram wrote:

On Thursday 27 October 2005 15:08, Clive Jenner wrote:
But what representation would you have if there was no RSGB?

73 Clive G0PPO
Which is why I renewed my subscription again.

As it stands, RSGB is a very imperfect representative body, but there is no
real alternative. Unfortunately, I don't have the reserves of time, energy or
ego to do anything about it. So I guess I get what I deserve.

FWIW, if I had the energy, I'd be trying to separate the Society's
representative function from the commercial function, possibly by
spinning-off the publishing company as a management buy-out. Unfortunately, I
suspect that shorn of the subscription base, the publishing company wouldn't
be viable in its current form.



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