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G0RUZ Conrad <conrad@...>

I of course meant how long does it take to achieve lock in practice?


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Sent: 26 October 2005 19:31
Subject: [ukmicrowaves] HP 10811-60111 info

Hello I recently purchased an HP 10811-60111 OXCO from eBay
and would like to commence work on locking it to GPS. I have
a CT1DMK gen-lock board from John G8ACE and I would like to
find a suitable GPS RX. Do they all output 1 pps and if so
how lock does it take to achieve stability in practice?

The HP OCXO came on a board marked D42903F 05328-20027 does
anyone have details of this board or at least the connections
for the edge connector? I hope to build a nice reliable 10
MHz source and then lock all my transverter local oscillators
to this. When the crystals arrive I should have OCXOs for
13 and 3cms to start with.


Conrad G0RUZ

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