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I had an email from a components distributor suggesting that I order one
of these new ADI evaluation/learning modules. I might well do just that.
Go to <> and search on 'Pluto'.

Based on a single chip direct-conversion up and down conversion, and at
around £75 delivered, this unit looks as though it could become a
standard tool for learning about software defined receivers and


I see a US price of $149. That's a lot more than £75. Where do you see £75 delivered?

I will tell you a funny story. A friend of mine by the name of Peter, who has unfortunatly passed away now, run a hardware shop. A guy came in one day and wanted to buy something - I forget what it was. Peter said it was £6. The customer said that was expensive, as Fred in another shop sells them for £5. So Peter suggested he went to Fred. The customer replied that Fred did not have any. So Peter said, "When I don't have any, they are £3".

It is possible these are £75 when out of stock, but more when in stock?



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Dave, G8WRB.

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