Re: A couple of gripes about 1296MHz

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

Regarding GB3EDN the beacon is sited on the Kings Buildings campus of University of Edinburgh on the south side of the city. The antenna is sited on top of a four storey tower block so is at a good height AGL. (It can be seen on google earth if you know where to look!). The ground rises quite steeply to the south so coverage in that direction is poor It is clear north and east having a good view down the Forth estuary to Scandinavia. The original intention back in 1976 was to give warning of tropo openings in that direction. I have now retired from the University but will have access to the site for the next 18 months at least. When I finally go I will in all conscience have to remove it I am afraid.

Perhaps the matter can be discussed at the GMRT on the 4th of November at the MoC.

73s, Brian GM8BJF (GB3EDN beacon keeper)

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