Re: A couple of gripes about 1296MHz - CSB Freqy Typo

David GM6BIG

Hi Tom,

That should have been 1296.985MHz for CSB...

Cheers, David

On 09-Oct-17 11:51, Tom Melvin [ukmicrowaves] wrote:
Thanks David,
Not checked those - will do shortly :-)
Round Table - yes about to fill in registration
On 9 Oct 2017, at 11:35, David GM6BIG <> [ukmicrowaves] < <>> wrote:

Hi Tom,

Dont know exactly where you are, but a good chance you will get GB3CSB
on 1296.875, been on air for around 10 years.
Also GM6BIG/b on 1298.002, although QRP it is omni, been on for around
30 years...
A look at beaconspot will show the locations.

I know EDN has been having a rocky time of it...

Hopefully catch up at the GMRT this year.

Cheers, David

On 08-Oct-17 21:32, <> [ukmicrowaves] wrote:
Martin, Just joined this group and in middle of re-building 23 cms PA -
Had the same issues with you couple of months back with Scottish
- thankfully EDN now back on - but Angus ready did confuse me till
discovered status.

Happy to run tests and point your way in contests etc. - should have
PA fixed in next week or so

GM8MJV (Edinburgh)

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