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Stopped the beacon while I tidy it up a bit.
Was heard at 340Km while running about 80 Watt to a 55 ele Tonna.
Only half power as do not want to overheat the grids on the amp.
Will do another run starting at 18:30 local time and monitor KST.
Same beam heading unless requested otherwise.
Martin, GM6VXB

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Just for info, I dug into my bits box and found an old driver board that moded down to 23cm easily.
Now driving it with PI4 and CW with my call/B and locator.
Will leave it running to 180 degree for a hour or so on 1296.004MHz.
If my interest is peaked then will see what I can throw together to make up an amplifier rather than
run my present 'Homebrew' 2X2C39 amp.
Martin, GM6VXB
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Perhaps you could join forces and build a beacon /help find a new site for existing ?
The UK Microwave Group have funds that can be applied for to help cover equipment costs .
Sites are the key - try an approach to an existing repeater group or even appeal to a Mc Mobile outfit - I watched the growth of hilltop sites over the 15 years of GM holidays , starting from the late 80's - there's a lot of it about .
Regarding Beacon status , BeaconSpot is maintained on behalf of the UK Microwave Group by Robin G8APZ and is as up to date as the individual Keepers and Users supplied data .
User reports are kept on individual Beacons , so if in doubt about frequency or operational status , looking at the recent spots will give you a good clue to its status .
This resource alone is worth the £6 annual membership of the Group.

If you are attending the Scottish Microwave event on November 4th , I am sure there will be members willing and able to offer advice on Beacon building issues .


PS If lack of activity on 1296MHZ is an issue , try EME ....

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