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Martin A Hall <gorrell77@...>

Hi Brian,


Your work with EDN much appreciated, since it’s the only beacon I can hear regularly from this location on 23cm – and then only via Aircraft Scatter.  I’ll miss it when it goes, since it’s a good check that my gear is actually working.


If you are able to re-instate JT4G I shall be very grateful, since reception is often possible when other modes fail – I’ve captured EDN on tropo on occasion using JT4G when the tones have been inaudible.  There’s also the option of unattended monitoring of conditions when I’m about the house working on other tasks but not able to be in the shack full-time.  However, I do understand the problem with it losing lock from time to time.


Once again, thanks for all the effort you’ve put into this project.


73, Martin







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Hi Martin,

I have sent a message to the admin on to ask if the data
can be change. For some reason I am not allowed to change that info. I
have also checked to output meter and it is normal. I am not sure of the
future of EDN as I will cease to have access to the site in 18 months
time. At the moment I am tempted to dismantle it at that point. It has
had a good run for its money! The PA module is an old RCA 432 10 W brick
feeding a MM tripler. I suspect the both the Brick and MM Tripler have
more running hours on them than any others ever made. It has been on
since 1978!

I may reinstate the JT4G but I was finding the RDDS problematic for long
term operation. I suspect the VCXO needed to have a wider pull-in range.

Dr Brian W Flynn 15 Riselaw Crescent Edinburgh EH10 6HN 0131 447 4043
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