Re: A couple of gripes about 1296MHz

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

Hi Martin,

I have sent a message to the admin on to ask if the data can be change. For some reason I am not allowed to change that info. I have also checked to output meter and it is normal. I am not sure of the future of EDN as I will cease to have access to the site in 18 months time. At the moment I am tempted to dismantle it at that point. It has had a good run for its money! The PA module is an old RCA 432 10 W brick feeding a MM tripler. I suspect the both the Brick and MM Tripler have more running hours on them than any others ever made. It has been on since 1978!

I may reinstate the JT4G but I was finding the RDDS problematic for long term operation. I suspect the VCXO needed to have a wider pull-in range.

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