Re: A couple of gripes about 1296MHz


Yes, I can see a trace on spectran and sometimes hear the CW via airscatter.
But (only a small but) on Beaconspot.EU it is showing as CW and JT4G.
No problem for me as I would have expected to get JT4 decodes before
hearing CW.
While on the beacon subject, GB3ANG 23CM beacon is showing as operational
on Beaconspot.EU but as 'off air' on QRZ.COM. Tried listening for backscatter on ANG
and began to suspect my gear before spotting the information on
Last information was: 
2016-12-29 17:34 GB3ANG 1296.9530 599 TR 599 in io94 back on!
How many other G/GM/GW/GI beacons are or are not QRV ?.
No point having a useful resourse like Beaconspot.EU if information on it is
not correct and up to date.
Maybe being a bit pedantic as it is only a hobby.
Martin, GM6VXB

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Hi Martin,

GB3EDN is still on the air. I have just been listening to it. I am now
retired and it is at my former work QTH but I still have access to the
site. I will be there tomorrow and will check all is well. It is
currently running about 5W and only keys FSK CW.


Brian GM8BJF (GB3EDN beaconkeeper)

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