ADF5355 Phse Noise

Andy G4JNT

I've made some plots of the phase noise of an Ebay-Special ADF5355 Synth generating at 10GHz  (well, actually the VCO runs at 5GHz and is followed by an on-board doubler, but whatevs)

You'll find the plots at   The plots are in a 6Hz noise bandwidth, so dBc/Hz will be about 8dB below the curve.

The reference is a good quallity 10MHz TCXO and the reference doubler is enabled for a 20MHz Fcomp

About -65dBc at 10kHz spacing - it could be worse.

Increasing the charge pump current from the 0.9mA that is the default value when using the Analog devices design software to generate the register settings up to 3mA seems to show a few dB improvement in close-in PN ands sllightly flattens the 'humps'

Andy  G4JNT

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