Re: Activity List for the UK Microwave Group 24/47/76GHz Contest - Sunday 17th September 2017


I've revised my plans slightly for the Morning to head straight over to Swindon:

Callsign: G1DFL/P
Roving locations: 
i) A4 near Cherhill Down (IO91AK)
ii) Clyffe Pypard (IO91BL)
iii) Hackpen (IO91CL)

Bands: 24GHz 250mW 30cm dish
Talkback: i) Text/Call 07713 432632 , ii) 144.175 SSB or 144.750 FM iii) KST
Times: Morning only - 10.45am to 1pm local

I've not been to this area before so it will be a bit of an adventure!
Hope to have at least 1 QSO. Good luck everyone.


On Saturday, September 16, 2017 9:19 AM, "Chris G0FDZ chris@... [ukmicrowaves]" wrote:

Hi folks

I will be joining Roger and Doug at Hackpen IO91ClL with the following gear:

24 GHz  2W to 0.5m dish

47 GHz   250uW to 10" dish (SSB & CW) & 1mW to 14 "dish (CW only)

76 GHz    200uW to 300mm horn (SSB & CW) & 100mW to 10" dish (CW only)

144.175 MHz SSB T/B

Look forward to working as many as possible.


Chris G0FDZ

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