External mixer LO power


Does anyone know the allowed LO power for an HP 11517A external mixer - used for extending upper frequency on a spectrum analyzer?

In Application Note 150-12 (on the internet) Tabel 1 - regarding proper RF input level - assumes an LO power of 1 mW - and has plenty of warnings not to burn the diode from high input power or static discharge. But I see no data for max. LO power. HP 11517A is matched  to Spectrum Analyzers like HP8555A where LO output to external mixer is stated as 10-13 dBm. So what is correct - 1mW or 10 mW?
I have measured 1.LO/Ext. Mixer output on my HP8558B and Textronix 7L18 here in the shack. Both have output of 10-13 dBm. A sort of industry standard?

So far I have used the Det/Multiplier fro Alcatel White Box as external mixer for Textronix 7L18 with some succes, but expect the "proper" HP mixer to do better. Only want to be sure of LO level first.

Vy 73 Ole OZ2OE

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