Re: Calibrating an RF detector

Mike Willis

Hi Terry,

I have of of those and also one of the OLED versions. I calibrated it against a signal generator which I believe is fairly accurate. It was within 2dB and much better in relative accuracy rather than absolute accuracy, i.e. measuring changes in power, so for example very useful to determine an amplifiers 1 dB compression point. You said you don't have one of those but they are often made available for testing at microwave round tables, as are good quality power meters that you can compare against. The next RT near you can be determined from the UKUG website. There may also be a local amateur with the right gear that can help.

Bear in mind that these chips have some thermal drift so you also need to calibrate against temperature. In practice, they are not really for accurate metrology but as very useful when used with a directional coupler to verify the TX is more or less working.


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