24GHz equivalent to the HB100 doppler unit (CDM324)

Gary M1EGI

Good morning groups.

Following on from the WBFM activity at Finningley round-table this weekend, and the potential use as talk-back for nanowave operation, I thought both groups might be interested to know a 24GHz version exists at a similar cost.

It should be possible to add this module on to the same IF strip/modulator currently in use for the HB100 making it dual band.
As it currently stands I have only just found these modules, so I'm not sure if they can be tuned internally.


Also you can still get hold 24GHz gunnplexer type modules from PIRs sensors, good search terms are:
"Honeywell DT-7450UK" & "Honeywell DT-7550UK"

Hope this might spark up more interest in simple microwave fun.

73s Gary M1EGI

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