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Does the hotel use VOIP phones?


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Hi Andy,
             Yes I've had it - I'm with T-mobile talking to a Virgin
customer on their mobile.
de John G8SEQ
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Totally off topic for uWaves, but has anyone else had this?

I just booked the hotel room for MMRT and there was a really  high
level of delayed echo, such that my voice came back to me with about
300ms second delay, only down by perhaps 10 - 15dB on the other
If you've ever tried talking when you hear everything you say delayed
by a few hundred ms - its not easy!
It was so bad as to make conversation difficult - address and card
details  had to be exchanged in short fast sentences.  Much to the
amusement of the receptionist.
For all weekday outgoing phone calls I use the iPhone,  so assume
it's a 3G network artefact - but haven't encountered echo anything
like as bad as that before.
Andy  G4JNT

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