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I am not sure if your comment is meant tongue in cheek or actually
serious........ "new windows thingy" ????

Actually to be honest I can set up a datacard in 10 minutes on an XP
machine and I can only do that because the technology has been
designed to be plug n play and the dashboard has been designed to do

I cannot even consider how difficult setting up a GPRS card on a DOS
(cough splutter - DOSwhatttttt?) - can you guess why companies that
provide this HW dont supply DOS programs instead of windows packages!

As for WLAN setting - I am not going to comment further as I assume
your looking for a "bite" !!!!!!

Mutter mutter.........!

Would it be beneficial for me to do a small talk at MMRT about
3G/GPRS cards and technology and setting up a connection???


Simon DL4PLM

--- In, Talbot Andrew <actalbot@m...>
As one who would still prefer to be using DOS rather than this new
thingy on computers........ :-(

Could someone put together a simple step-by-step guide on how to
get GPRS
going so any cheap and ancient laptop can connect to the internet
from a

Something along the lines of:

Buy such-and-such GPRS card
Buy Vodafone SIM
Plug into laptop
Install software
Tear hair out
Log onto 'KST
Liaise with the world

Its difficult enough changing a modem/dial up connection with
software, and I haven't even dared to try getting into the WLAN
Inet route
we set up for contests.

Andy G4JNT

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