Re: Small 23 cms aerials

David <david.g6feo@...>

Dear Ed,

Some time ago I bought 2 23cms aerials that I was planning to use, they
are now surplus to requirements.

They are constructed out of standard TV aerial bits, so will not be as
robust as a 'real' aerial.

They have 16 elements and are about 1m long.

Let me know if they are of interest to you.

73, David.

On Sun, 2017-01-22 at 12:46 +0000, Edward Harland g3vpf@...
[ukmicrowaves] wrote:


I live in a conservation area with tight planning rules and want to
get back onto 23 cms. At present I have a very old 4 turn helix
aerial up in order to get the neighbours used to the idea of an
aerial in their field of view. I would now like to increase the size
and move to an 8-10 ele yagi. A few years ago it was fairly easy to
buy such an aerial, now it seems that 24 elements is the starting
size. I know the performance is not great, but at least I am back on
the band from home.

Can anyone suggest a source of a suitable small aerial I can use?


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