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Andy G4JNT

Mine arrived today.   On first testing it certainly had a fast warm up and kept its setting at PPB levels over tens of minutes. 
The sensitivity to tuning voltage is a bit high - in fact an awful lot higher that most OCXOs at 3ppm adjustment range.  As this is the only way to trim the frequency, it will need a very well decoupled tuning voltage for real use.


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I've recently bought a couple of these to try out:-

They run from 5V and have a 0-5v adjustment pin and produce a 2v p-p
square wave off load. The key thing is that they warm up very quickly.
I tried one as a reference for my 23cm transverter and it came up within
20Hz in 30secs! The OCXO I currently use for 23cm takes more like
20-30mins to get to frequency and it takes a lot more current in the
steady state. These ones only take 80mA from 5V, and could be ideal for
portable use.

Data sheet attached.

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