Activity List for UK Microwave Group 24/47/76GHz Contest - Sunday 11th September

Roger Ray

With the last of the millimetre cumulatives contests this weekend. It has fallen on me to compile a list htis time.

 Please send details of your planned
operation in the following format:

Callsign: G8CUB/P
Locator: IO81WU70 Birdlip, IO91CL12 Hackpen
Bands: 24GHz 1W 20dB horn, 47GHz 30mW 30cm dish,

76GHz 50mW 150mm horn / 60cm dish

Talkback: 144.175, KST maybe, mob: 07900 261121
Times: Birdlip ~ 10.00 -12.00, Hackpen ~13.00-15.00 BST

The weather prediction looks hopeful at the moment, so looking forward to working you.



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