GB3SCX has lost its JT4G

Andy G4JNT

Fore some weird and obscure  reason GB3SCX on 10358.905 from IO80UU59 has lost its JT4G message..  The other two of the three on that site  which use the same Motorola Binary GPS data stream are working fine, so the GPS timing data into it is OK.      (Two other beacons use a separate GPS module delivering NMEA, and they are also OK) 

It still sends its on-off CW message so the controller processor hasn't locked up completely.  

However, that beacon was the first ever microwave one to implement WSJT modes and has a unique two-PIC solution to setting  the DDS values.    I think I've found the PIC code for the WSJT mode and CW controller, but can't see any reason whatsoever it should behave as it does.

One option is that the second PIC has stopped working.  That one only takes in tone data from the first and sets one of four DDS tones.  That would force the beacon to sit on one frequency - the CW is on off keyed, so its still useful to the old-school.  

If that is the case, I  don't know what tone frequency it has stopped on, so there's no guarantee the carrier isn't a few hundred Hz high.

If it doesn't right itself spontaneously, I'll bring it back and update with a later generation of keyer / controller firmware.   But it'll have to wait until next week now.

Andy  G4JNT

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