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Andy G4JNT

I have modified SMA connectors to make these "reversed" ones.

Find an SMA socket designed for cable mounting - these are typically used as bulkhead connectors and ones for both semi-rigid and flexible cables are commonplace.   Remove the centre spigot and use this in place of the pin in a conventional SMA plug.   (Obviously, use the type of SMA plug that has its own gold plated pin - not one of those that uses semi-rigid inner !)    A careful bit of positioning may be needed, but it works fine

After seeing the post, I ordered one of those PAs on spec - to see how good it is.   A while ago I did buy a 2.4GHz booster rated, IIRC, at  around 8 watts. It failed quite early into testing so wasn't a bargain at all!

Lets see if the 5.8GHz one can do any better


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looking via google to "txpa58002w5" it is possible to see a lot of discussions ..
seems that the SMA plug are REVERSE (RPA)
so we need either to plug an adaptator or change the plug  (is it easy, I don't know)
about the polarisation, I don't see if this PA is compatible with SSB signal
but for the price, it is nice
Francois F1CHF
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Hi Gus,
Well indeed this was one avenue and you have confirmed >4 watts, i think i will try this and then i might fight with some internally matched devices for the 7.5 GHz band.

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Might not be 100% suitable for your needs, BUT have you thought of something like this, mine does 4.2W, not perfect but cheap enough, perhaps worth a try for your needs or to start with, there on Ebay (other sites are available), might be worth a try to see how they perform, part number 112048942890, you probably might need some more filtering on the output!


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