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Adrian, I can recall the use of copper water-pipe, if you like I will try and search for the article(s) I think it was in UKW-berichte years ago.

73es Rien PA0JME

Many thanks for the idea! The challenge will be, getting a transition from WG16 to waterpipe....transition to SMA is well documented.

I made a transition from water pipe to WG16 by forcing the end into a WG16 flange and gently tapping out a taper from rectangular to circular over a few wavelengths with some matching screws. I used it to interface to a circular scalar feed , so it was quite short. I actually found the end of the water pipe did just as good a job as the scalar feed.

I also had a friend who worked for the water board make me a ? feed out of water pipe. The problem was that the polarisation rotated in an uncontrolled manner. I was going to try to roll the pipe slightly to make an ellipitical guide , but ended up using the scalar feed with flexible waveguide.

Brian GM4DIJ
Brian Howie

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