Re: WG16

Christopher Bartram <cbartram@...>

Hello Adrian

I'll write this to the group, as it is of general interest.

LDF4-50 is not a particularly sensible choice of coax at 10GHz: I think the manufacturer rates it to about 8GHz. Counter-intuitively to many people's ideas, it's diameter is too large to use use reliably at that frequency. It can work very well, but it can also work as a very good attenuator, with an attenuation figure of 20+dB worse than might be expected. This is due to higher order wave propagation, where energy combines with the wanted signal propagated in the simple transverse mode either constructively or destructively: an effect which can be quite temperature dependent. I've been there, and spent a lot of time scratching my head before I realised what was happening

It's better to use a smaller diameter cable. I have a 5m length of LMR240 which works well at 12GHz carrying the LO signal to my 24GHz transverter, but it is probably not up to use as a low-loss antenna feed.




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