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mike G6TRM

Hi Adrian,
I think you will find that flexible WG16 will not work as a rotator loop, It was not designed to be used for large continuous movement, but mostly to counteract vibration problems. The only way I know that truly works would be a rotatable joint from a large system 3cm marine radar, it will require to be on the rotational centre line of the mast, which will be another issue to be resolved. copper water pipe is a good alternative to WG16 but the rotating joint issues still remains..
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mike G6TRM

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Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2016 10:00 PM
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Years ago I had various pieces of WG16 waveguide but over the yeas they have been given away!

Today i decided to try and feed my dish on the tower from the gable of the bungalow using a combination of WG16 and LDF 4 -50 ..This now gives me an external rotatable  antenna.....downside is that the loss in the coax overtakes the gain in the bigger dish.

I was amazed how little low  measured in the waveguide but equally disappointed in the nearly 3dB loss in

4M of coax.

So the question is where can I get Wg16 or other low loss alternative?  I have Contar rings and flanges


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