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Panel antenna appears to have advantages. Size being the main one as it would fit into my transport box. Gain though would not match a dish. As most of the possible sites I will be going to are at least 50-100 mile from any activity the more gain the better chance of a few QSO's.
Did look at the stressed dish idea but finding a suitable material for the reflector is the main problem. Looked at mesh but most although they roll up will not fold well as they will kink and probably would uspet the overall gain of the antenna.
Still trying to find some reasonably priced metalized Kevlar type material but no luck so far.
Metalwork is not a problem as have a (fairly) decent metal supplier not too far away who also will allow me to use his cutting/bending machines.
The main problem is building(buying) something that will fit my 1X1X0.5M transport box. Anything not in the box is likely to be serverely damaged while being put (thrown) into a container for offshore transport.
Martin, GM6VXB

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While this discussion appears to have veered off into a discussion of
patch arrays, perhaps it's worth commenting that stress dishes can be
made very transportable.

About 15 years ago, Al Katz, K2UYH, described a simple stressed offset
stressed dish antenna in the 432MHz and Up Newsletter using - from deep
memory! - 6ft ribs. He used sucessfully that for a 1296MHz EME portable
operation from somewhere in the the Carribean in which he ran relative
QRP, possibly only around 100W, and CW. I suspect that would scale to a
collapsible 10GHz antenna without too much trouble.




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