Re: Latest RadCom Plus

Dr. David Kirkby (Kirkby Microwave Ltd) <drkirkby@...>

I seem to have finger trouble today, sending documents before I intended to.  Let's start again, on the assumption you have realized I've downloaded the style sheets the EPUB document is serving up to the web client.

After downloading the two style sheets that the EPUB document would appear to be including


and running them through the online CSS validator at

I find that style.css has 6 errors and 10 warnings

with the warnings being about unknown vendor extensions.

The other stylesheet, mobile.css

has just a single warning, but no errors.

This leaves me suspecting that the RSGB webserver is not sending valid CSS. Given CSS is used to describe the page layout, it is not exactly surprising if the page layout is poor.

Maybe the fault lies on the content placed on the RSGB web server, rather than my PC.

Dave, G8WRB.

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