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> Ah, this was on UKuWaves, not RSGBTech
> So wasn't "reiterating"   
> Send it anyway
> Saw your image of how you see the online pub - with overlapped text.  There's something very seriously wrong with your PC setup.

Is it possible that rather than there being something very seriously wrong with my PC setup,  that instead there's something very seriously wrong with the the EPUB document? If so, it could explain why the page renders like this

on my computer.

From what i have read, an EPUB document includes both XHTML and CSS, along with other files. It is impossible for me to check the EPUB document,  as none of the online validators of EPUB, XHTML or CSS can check a page that needs a login and password. 

However,  a check of the RSGB homepage with the W3C validator finds 63 errors in the XHTML,

and 17 errors in the CSS.

So given the RSGB seem unable to provide a homepage with valid XHTML or CSS, which are two of the technologies required for an EPUB document, it does make me wonder whether the EPUB document is valid or not.

From what I have read,  EPUB is good for things like novels, where the fact that the page gets reformatted is not a problem, and quite desirable when viewed on different devices.  But EPUB is not suitable when the layout is important. I would have thought that the layout was important in technical documents,  which is why EPUB seems a poor choice to me. PDF retains the layout, so would be a better choice.

> Allthough either format may not be favourable to many, I haven't heard anyone else not actually being able to see it properly

If the document is not conforming to relevant standards,  how it renders on someone's computer is undefined.  It could be that the XHTML, CSS or any files  necessary for a valid EPUB document are actually invalid. Based on tests on the RSGB homepage,  I would not bet against that being the case.

> 'jnt

Dave, G8WRB.

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