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I also use a 10 GHz patch antenna. It won't beat a dish for gain, but for size and weight it's amazing. Here is a presentation by David Vieira talking about his rig which uses the same patch antenna.


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Thanks Alan and John,
Both ideas could work but will have to check how much room there is in the transport box when I get home. Pretty full already with 2-4-6M gear including antennas.
One idea I have seen was what looked like and umberella with a metalized coating and offset feed.
As I say not sure how good this would be at 3cm but better than nothing.
Will do more investigation when home and see if I can come up with a 'KISS' idea that is fairly robust. Anything after October will see 'real' gales so maybe too late in the year already.
Martin, GM6VXB
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Hi Martin,

I am just back from France where l just used a small 10ghz panel antenna...about 1ft square and very thin...They work pretty well...managed 320km with 1.5w at sea level....would be easy to pack in the top of your box. ..

73 Alan GM0USI 

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More a thought but willing to give it a go.
I am doing quite a few jobs offshore presently. All in pretty rare squares until
the beginning of October. I have managed to get low band gear transported
in a nice transport box 1X1X0.5 Metre. This is pretty full with radio, HPA, and antennas for three bands.
Now I am wondering if there are any easy designs (or built) for a microwave dish
say up to 1 Metre diameter that can be folded up into a transport tube that would fit into the box.
My suspicion is that the surface will not be suitable for (say) 10GHz, but if
there any designs about I am will to give it a try.
Next problem would be mounting it on a suitable pole in pretty strong winds.
Martin, GM6VXB
(Presently JO08 and bored)

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