Re: Latest RadCom Plus

Ian White

Dave Kirby wrote:

If the RSGB are
concerned about copies of PDF files being circulated, they could do
something like

1) Put at the bottom a message - Downloaded by G8WRB from IP address
123.456.789.010 on dd/mm/yyyy. Not for redistribution. It would not
totally stop redistribution, but people are going to be less likely to distribute
a copy electronically to a wide audience.
Down at the opposite end of the spectrum, CDXC have just started doing exactly that. All 34 years of their quarterly Digest are now available online in PDF format. Anyone can view front-cover thumbnails and use the full-text search facility, but downloads require a member login and are marked with a callsign.

It's simple and it works - and above all, it's a *proportionate* response to the level of protection required.

73 from Ian GM3SEK

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