Re: Latest RadCom Plus

Neil Smith G4DBN

The whole point is that a (decent) epub reader reflows the text to fit your viewing window, and allows the reader to choose the way they want to view the source doc. PDF means you have to zoom in and out and mess about with scrolling and all that last-decade nonsense, giving the power over rendering to the author/publisher instead of the reader. Yuk.

Agreed, if users want to print the thing out, a preformatted PDF would be a courtesy, but then the publishers are being complicit in permitting piracy. At least if you copy/print an epub or onscreen render, you are committing a positive act of copyright violation against the publisher. Subject to fair use of course, but what's to stop anyone copying the PDF to a forum for access by nonmembers?. If the publisher presents the work on screen or as an epub, at least they force a pirate to do something more than just copy a file.

On my Win10 PC I tried a couple of free epub readers and some can't handle the DRM, but the(free) Sumatra reader recommended on the RSGB site makes a reasonable attempt at rendering, apart from Table 1, which is a fail of epic proportions. I haven't found a decent DRM-aware epub reader for Linux systems, Okular seems to have issues with the DRM signing. Coolreader is very Debian-centric and available via git, haven't tried it because, hey Debian? Ewwww. Anyone have a neat yum-installable RHEL/Centos epub reader that can handle DRM-signed Radcom Plus?

PDF readers are a splendid source of cyber attacks, one of the more horrible products of the last 20 years. Nearly as appalling as Flash...
epub is at least *reasonably* safe to use. And don't get me started on flaky browser plugins with all their rendering fails. Pfffft. Nice articles though.

Neil G4DBN

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