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Just in case you haven't seen it, the latest RadCom Plus has a comprehensive article on 10GHz by G0MGX, as well as one or two other excellent articles. :-)

Andy  G4JNT

Admittedly I run a somewhat unusual operating system on my main PC, but this is how your article renders:

I have given up trying to use RadCom Plus. I don't know why the RSGB can't do what every other publisher of material does - put it in a PDF.

Instead, in the print edition, we are treated to yet another review of an antenna analyzer, where not a single known device is measured.  This time is has 11 colour photographs, showing the results when connected to various unknown impedances. Would it take a lot of effort to assemble a range of known impedances from 1% resistors and capacitors?

Anyway, the main thing is the photos look good, the author concludes it useful, and the advertiser is happy.

BTW, my radio club bought a RigExpert AA-600 antenna analyzer. Before connecting it to any electrical device, I checked the N connector, only to find the centre conductor is too far forward to meet the spec of an N connector.

With a bit of explanation of what is actually being measured, photos like that are far more revealing than endless photos of a device being reviewed while connected to lots of unknown impedances. With 1% resistors costing less than £0.01, and 1% capacitors only a few tens of pence, it should not be hard to assemble some known devices and measure those.

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