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Read online, print it using a PDF printer like FreePDF to make your file. Make sure you print using landscape
I use Chrome as my main browser under Windows 7. I could not get CutePDF to change to Landscape so I downloaded and tried FreePDF. It still gave me the same problems. I tried it in Internet Explorer and that was worse. Eventually I tried it in FireFox and that was fine. At last I now have a PDF version of it which is much easier to read. It would still have been easier to read if the format had been Portrait rather than Landscape.

Someone who is not actually reading it might think that Landscape looks better on our present wide screens as the whole page fits. By the time we have zoomed a bit in order to be able to read it rather than just looking at it I could see that Landscape is a very bad idea.

By the time I had got it to display as I wanted I had started to lose interest in the actual content. When I get enthusiastic again I will look more carefully at Andy's article on the Third Method for SSB although I would implement it with "real" wire ended components rather than surface mount. I admire Andy's expertise with surface mount devices but I assume his eyes are younger than mine and hopefully have not had the surgery that I have needed for cataracts and a detached retina. I am also interested in the article on the 10 GHz system. The one with the Arduino project looks worth considering although I have not tried any of those devices yet.

Obviously good and worthwhile articles by the authors and an excellent job by the editor. It is still poorly presented by the RSGB due to using options that are not ideal. If they would also give us a PDF option directly and the layout in Portrait, like RadCom, then I would be a lot happier.

73, Lawrence GJ3RAX

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