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mike G6TRM

Thanks for the replies so far, perhaps I should expand on what I'm trying to do. As I have already mentioned I have a Jupiter-T module that I have connected to a G3RUH PLL. I manually check the lock voltage with a voltmeter, to know when it stabilizes.( PITA but it works) When I first built the unit I wanted to include some sort of a  lock monitor (led) and maybe a 16x2 line type display for time/position but gave up as the Jupiter module required a pic program to swap between Motorola/nmea every time it was powered up, and despite trying different software, I never got it to work, so left it as a basic unit.
Present day, I needed to add a G4HUP 4 way distribution amplifier and I assumed by now, there must be better/updated gps modules that might have all the extra I needed which might be easier to implement without having to redo what I  had...
Mike G6TRM

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Have a look at the Ublox 6T or 8T devices/modules, they are optimised for timing applications and can be configured to give a secondary output up to 1MHz (or more).

Stephen Tompsett

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I am currently in the process of rebuilding my GPSDO and thought It might be a good time to replace/update the Jupiter-T receiver. Can anyone recommend a suitable modern replacement that still has the 10Khz output?


Mike G6TRM

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