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Christopher Bartram <cbartram@...>

Hello Francois

Yes. HC35/U is the 'official' US military designation of the can. Generally, people in the UK, particularly radioamateurs, tend to call that package 'TO-5'.

I know KVG and Euroquartz, of course: I've dealt with a large number of crystal manufacturers internationally, although it has been about 10years since I ordered a custom crystal professionally, as most of the things I have designed recently have used some form of frequency synthesis. One of the major reasons for that, apart from flexibility, is that the costs of decent crystals have risen dramatically, and availability has fallen.

One of my main reasons for asking here if anybody has a suitable crystal is that I don't want to spend well over 100euros on a good custom crystal which may only be used for a few months in a temporary beacon which will then be replaced by a current technology synthesised unit. The other reason is that an older crystal, which has possibly been used for several years, should have much better ageing than a new unit.

As you say, it's likely to be a difficult search. If somebody does have a suitable crystal, I'll go ahead and modify the brick I have here. It will make a useful spare for our network once the new design is finished. Otherwise I'll continue with my development.

Vy 73


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