Christopher Bartram <cbartram@...>

On the off-chance, does anyone have a ~96.008MHz, 60degree, HC18-type package crystal mouldering in their junk-box? I'm currently designing a new-generation beacon transmitter, initially for 10GHz, for the reincarnation of GB3RPE (and probably GB3KBQ, but realistically that won't be ready for some months, although I have made a proof of principle prototype of the 10GHz cavity VCO, which has extremely encouraging performance.

As a backstop, I'm putting together a temporary FSK beacon made from bits of an old transverter. The LO of the transverter uses a phase-locked brick, hence my request. A used crystal would be very acceptable, as it will probably mean that it's initial ageing will be long past, and it will be ready for service very quickly, should Ofcom (or more likely the PU ...) decide to drop a bombshell and allow the NoV before I'm finished with the new design.

Vy 73


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