GM6BIG 10GHz test beacon 10368.500

David GM6BIG

Hi All,

Possibility of some antenna work today, around 1700-1800, Wx dependant.
So a short interruption to the beacon around then.

Its on pretty much 24/7 at the moment, including the weekend.

Reports to Beaconspot and direct to gm6big@....

Cheers, David GM6BIG

Hi All,

I have an attended beacon running on test on 10368.500.
it wont be on quite 24/7, but will be on much of the day for a few weeks.

Its located near Salsburgh, between Glasgow and Edinburgh and has a fairly good 360 deg horizon.

It is GPS locked and will send an "L" after the call if its inlock.
It will also send an "F" if the fan is running.

Its not quite ready for the big time yet, and needs some more work.
But, I wont have the opportunity to work on it for a while, so figured it best to put it on and get some feedback.

Am interested in coverage reports of course and what you think of the tones.
It should have better coverage than CSB...

Please email the via the reflector or direct to me at gm6big@...

Cheers, DAvid GM6BIG


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